About Our Brands

The ThriveMore platform is composed of complementary, wellness-focused brands that speak to all avenues of health. We design our brand offerings to build on one another and benefit both the physical and mental well-being of the individuals we serve. 

RockBox Fitness is a state-of-the-art fitness studio that combines boxing, kickboxing, and functional weight training to help members crush their fitness goals. With strategically designed studios, advanced audio systems and psychological mood-altering lights, RockBox’s workouts are an immersive experience for every member that walks through the door.

beem® Light Sauna is an innovative infrared light therapy studio providing members with a multi-faceted approach to health. By offering infrared, red light, and chromotherapy solutions, beem® harnesses the therapeutic power of light to help people live radiantly.

Leverage Nutrition is a nutritional supplement line designed to maximize positive results. Leverage products can be found in select ThriveMore Brands locations via an authorized distributorship program.

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