Vendor Advantage Progam

Join ThriveMore Brands’ exciting Vendor Advantage Program, where approved vendors have the exclusive opportunity to collaborate with our rapidly expanding franchise network! With an ever-growing presence in the health and wellness sectors, now is your chance to form meaningful business relationships at scale with two industry-leading, national brands.

Program Requirements:

  • Preferential pricing and rebates for our relevant network of franchisees
  • Support our annual conference with a monetary value based on involvement with the company
  • Ability to provide product or service training if applicable
  • Provide monthly or quarterly reporting
  • Commitment to outstanding customer service and research & development
  • Ability to supply nationally

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Terms & Conditions

Submitting this interest form to ThriveMore Brands does not constitute approval to join our vendor program. Our team will review all applications carefully, discuss them with you individually, and make sure that our standard agreement has been properly signed before issuing a final decision – giving us assurance of both quality products and services as well as confidentiality for shared information between our two entities.

Still Have Questions? Read our FAQ Below

What is the Vendor Advantage Program?
Our Vendor Advantage Program builds bridges between franchisees and vendors, helping them cultivate lasting partnerships that streamline the process of obtaining essential products or services. Our program simplifies the often arduous search for each other - enabling our franchisees to get what they need quickly and effortlessly.
Why should I join the Vendor Advantage Program as a vendor?
By joining the Vendor Advantage Program at ThriveMore Brands, you will have access to incredible possibilities and opportunities with our growing network. You will be connected with a rapidly growing customer base, giving you a headstart on the competition within the booming health and wellness industry. Additionally, you will benefit from being given first-line contact with franchisees to build relationships and expand your business reach. Not to mention, attendance at our annual ThriveMore Brands Summit will provide a key opportunity to learn even more about how to maximize your brand’s potential in our ecosystem. To top it all off, you will receive ongoing support from our ThriveMore team as we work together towards success!
How many vendors can offer similar products or services?
We maintain a small list of vendors per product or service to offer franchisees best-in-class service and bolster strong relationships with vendor partners.
How do I become a part of the Vendor Advantage Program?
Fill out the attached application link to have our team review your information.