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Hear from the studio owners of ThriveMore Brands on their experience joining our franchise family!




Katie Georgiades

Owner, RockBox Fitness Lexington

“We both had interests in taking our careers in a different direction. Becoming entrepreneurs was at the top of our list due to the freedom it could afford us to focus on the things that were most important to us in our lives. When we learned that there was a franchise opportunity with RockBox specifically, it was as if the stars started to align. We had developed a passion for the workout and found a new love in boxing. Elia was a teacher and I was in leadership development, so we both knew we ultimately wanted to help others reach their full potential, and RockBox allowed us to do that in a space we were both passionate about.”

Shia Tolbert

Owner, RockBox Fitness SouthPark

“I always knew I wanted to make a positive impact on those around me. I never thought to merge the two things I love: fitness and helping others. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing wins every day, however small or big. Knowing you are helping others create a healthier lifestyle and sitting in the front row of their journey, is truly an amazing feeling. I saw firsthand how effective the workout was and how it changed my whole view of the fitness industry. I knew I wanted to contribute to our family by not only making a positive impact in the community but by also creating multiple revenue streams.”

Marshall Lehr

Owner, RockBox Fitness Keller

“From a franchise owner’s perspective, the leadership team is the thing that separated RockBox from the other fitness franchises we looked into. The diversity and expertise that they bring to the table are phenomenal.”

Pedro Mojica

Owner, RockBox Fitness Watchung

“Although the core of our business revolves around memberships it’s the ancillary sales that help us maintain a healthy cash flow to run the business well. Leverage Nutrition is one of the ways to offer our members a way to expedite their transformations while driving revenue. It’s a win-win for everybody!”

David and Madeline Ricci

Owner, beem Light Sauna

“We took the extra step to become Area Partners of beem™ Light Sauna because we truly fell in love with the brand, concept, business model and culture of the company. We looked at the opportunity to not only build out our own units, but also to share this concept in the marketplace and help it grow. The leadership team at beem™ was critical in this process. Roger was extremely transparent in the expectations of us and them to make this partnership work. This partnership aligned with our goals for building key businesses and opportunities to add to our portfolio, making it an easy decision for us.”